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Landscape planning and design is about creating beauty and value in the green areas. Even though they are degraded, abandoned or damaged, landscape is a presentation of the human activities and the ecosystem. In the case of the postindustrial landscapes we are dealing with heritage and contamination, value and disaster. Architecture is not just the process and the product of planning, designing and constructing buildings, it is about protection. Architecture, planning and landscape present a complex inter-relations between people, buildings, landscape and the environment. We truly believe in the teamwork of landscape designers and architects in order to create ‘greenscapes’. International and Hungarian examples of industrial restorations and revitalizations show that functional change holds great potential (Weilacher, 2009). After the transition, these areas can once again become an organic part of the cultural and economic life of the city, the local identity and the green surface system as well (Adorján, 2015). In our researches we are investigate the possibilities of the successful renewal of the abandoned sites and buildings. The point where we met each other was theoretically and geographically Ozd, the former industrial city in Northern Hungary, Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén county. While Piroska Varga was taking part in the presentation of their three-year-long work (Borsod 2050 project (Varga, 2013), Anna Adorjan was in the middle of a three year planning process of the Ózd Cultural Factory project. Our researches are approaching the same topic from two sides, so we decided to join our project in order to examine the connection between the protection and rehabilitation of the architectural heritage and the success of the reuse of post-industrial landscapes.



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