Greenspace Justice in Vienna: A Research through Design Approach



Publication Date

August 2022


Urban greenspaces (UGS) help cities and their population cope with the consequences of climate change and have a vital positive effect on people’s health and well-being. Public greenspaces are therefore an essential component of urban infrastructure. The City of Vienna offers a high proportion of public greenspaces. However, these are not evenly distributed and not necessarily accessible or affordable for all citizens. To achieve greenspace justice, it is crucial to provide equal access and usability that meets people’s needs. The present work contributes to the debate by including issues of equity and justice in the context of public greenspaces. A Research through Design (RtD) approach is used to design and sketch out an ideal situation for the provision of public greenspace. The requisite measures are then developed to achieve these ideal conditions. In this paper, we present the first methodological steps in an unconventional approach to creating new perspectives on existing policy and planning frameworks and developing innovative strategies to improve greenspace justice in cities.

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