Evaluation of Ecological Supply-demand Synergy of Park Green Space in the Main Urban Region of Zhengzhou City



Publication Date

August 2022


As important types of green spaces in the urban green space system, park green spaces are closely related to the urban residents. Research on park green spaces mainly focuses on the functions and the accessibility, and the synergy between supply and demand of park green spaces remains to be studied. This paper aims to promote the synergistic development between park green spaces and residents, and provide a scientific basis for the construction of an efficient park green space system and sustainable urban development. Based on the perspective of the supply-demand synergy of the ecological function of park green spaces, this paper took the main urban region of Zhengzhou City as the study area. An evaluation system of synergy degree of supply and demand was constructed using network analysis method, quantitative model of supply-demand synergy and analytic hierarchy process to study the characteristics of synergistic evolution between park green spaces and residents in the space-time dimension. The results show that the overall synergy degree of the study area increased from 0.1522 to 0.4256 from 2000 to 2020, and the overall supply index was always lower than the overall demand index. According to the results above, the authors proposed the optimizing strategies of increasing the number and green area of parks and improving connectivity between parks. Based on the top-down planning system, this study suggests bottom-up supply and demand evaluation and synergistic optimization, which can promote the efficiency of the ecological function of park green spaces, and solve the mismatch of supply and demand resources between the old and new urban areas.