Green structure plans in the urban landscape; the role of green space after the Covid-19 pandemic



Publication Date

August 2022


After the recent pandemic of Covid 19, the issue of green space in the urban landscape has gained more attention. Since the outbreak of Covid 19 a new dimension has been added to the function and role of green space in the urban landscape; how can green space create conditions for healthy environments for people? In this paper I will investigate in what ways existing design knowledge on urban green structure plans can contribute to this new demand from society and what role greenways can play in the process of planning and design. The research methods are mixed; comparative analysis of plans, fieldwork and research on existing literature. All fit into the case study approach as integrative research approach in landscape architecture. In the first part I will analyse the relation between pandemics and organisation of space in the daily environment; what are spatial factors related to form, function and use of the daily living environment that can influence pandemics and the public health in general? In the second part a brief overview of urban green structure plans will be given; history, content and context of landscape plans and green structure plans in the Netherlands. Here the research question is how existing design knowledge on the issue can be used in these new context. In the third part the implications for planning and design will be elaborated. At what levels of intervention and how can green space be integrated in the making of urban green structure plans? One of the conclusions is that the design knowledge and approach developed in urban green structure plans could be further elaborated towards integration of public health by focussing on structure which includes the road system. Further attention is needed for the role of mobility and traffic systems; separating car traffic, public transport and slow traffic seems to be an option with more attention for slow traffic in the urban landscape.