Submissions from 2012


From Sea To Source, Peter Gough, Peter Philipsen, Peter Paul Schollema, and Herman Wanningen

Submissions from 2006

Fish Biomechanics, R E. Shadwick and G V. Lauder

Submissions from 2000

Dams and development: a new framework for decision-making, World Commision on Dams

Submissions from 1999

Larval fish survey of the lower Cuyahoga River, K F. Rogers, W J. Zawiski, and R F. Thoma

Submissions from 1997

Fish passage through turbines, conduits, and spillway gates, M C. Bell

Fish screening criteria for anadromous salmonids, National Marine Fisheries Service

Submissions from 1995

Design of Fishways and Other Fish Facilities, C H. Clay

Submissions from 1993

Turbulence in Open-Channel Flows, I Nezu

Submissions from 1971

A history of dams, N Smith

Submissions from 1959

Water flow about a swimming fish, M W. Rosen