Need for Updating Fish Protection Facilities for Anadromous and Resident Fish Stocks in the West Coast of North America


D A. Vogel

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Fish Passage Policy and Technology: Proceedings of a Symposium

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Bates K;


American Fisheries Society


Major declines in fish stocks throughout the west coast of North America have prompted an increased need to improve many older fish passage facilities for better protection of adult and young fish. Numerous facilities are often overlooked for renovation because localities where no fish protection faculties are present are generally given highest priority. However, most older fishways and fish screens were not designed to the more protective, modern-day standards and some possess characteristics now known to be harmful to fish either because of inadequate design or deteriorated conditions. Furthermore, most of the older facilities were designed for sport or commercial species and do not provide sufficient protection for other species which are now threatened or endangered with extinction. Budgetary constraints in some regions will require innovative approaches and may necessitate departure from traditional processes to implement actions on a broader scale to reverse declines in fish stocks. Cooperative partnerships between government agencies, local communities, and special interest and user groups should be encouraged. A variety of guidelines and actions is recommended to improve fish protection.

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