New Design Principles of Fishways

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Proceedings of the International Symposium on Fishways '95

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Gifu, Japan


The Organizing Committee for International Symposium on Fishways '95 in Gifu


The construction of fishways is not a new idea in river engineering. But not before long their importance to secure fish stocks in rivers was realized. Investigations on existing fishways in Central Europe revealed that most of them fail either because of incorrect design or wrong position. During the last years the understanding of fish behavior could be considerably improved by intensive research work. This led to the development of new types of fishways and the redesign of old ones. The accomplishment of these new design principles is demonstrated by recently realized projects at different rivers of Central Europe. A naturally shaped diversion channel, a modified vertical slot fishway and a pool-cascade formed by stone blocks is described. Special attention is given to the problem of fish trapping in front of intake structures of hydroelectric power stations. Applied solutions, like 20mm screen spacing, electrical and optical guidance, and submerged power station are described and evaluated.

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