Critical swimming speed and behaviour of juvenile shovelnose sturgeon and pallid sturgeon

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juvenile, sturgeon, swimming, swimming performance, swim tunnel, Substrate

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Transactions of the American Fisheries Society


The swimming performance of hatchery-reared, juvenile shovelnose sturgeon(Scaphirhynchus plarorynchus) and pallid sturgeon (S. albus) was studied in a laboratory swimtunnel at 20°C and 10oC. The mean 30-min critical swimming speed was not significantly differentbetween species at either temperature (36.9 cm/s for shovelnose sturgeon and 35.9 cm/s forpallid sturgeon at 20°C, 19.4 cm/s for shovelnose sturgeon and 150 cm/s for pallid sturgeon at10°C). Free swimming (swimming without contact with the substrate) was observed less than18% of the time at speeds greater than 15 cm/s. As speed increased, pallid sturgeon Swamsignificantly less in the water column at 20°C; however, speed had no effect on percent freeswimming among shovelnose sturgeon at 20°C. The results of this study indicate that, over thetemperature and size range tested, shovelnose sturgeon and pallid sturgeon probably do notsegregate in rivers due to different swimming or station-holding abilities.





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