Passage of adult and juvenile salmonids through federal Columbia River power system dams

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adult, juvenile, salmonids, Columbia River, survival, salmon, dams, reservoirs, habitat

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NOAA Technical Memorandums


This Technical Memorandum synthesizes available information on the behaviour and survival of juvenile and adult Pacific salmon (Oncorhynchus spp.) during passage through eight dams operated by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers on the lower Snake and Columbia Rivers (Fig. 1). These eight dams and their reservoirs constitute the mainstem component of the Federal Columbia River Power System (FCRPS). This synthesis focuses on those aspects of passage considered relevant by NOAA Fisheries for judging FCRPS impacts to specific salmon stocks listed under the Endangered Species Act, and in general, to all salmon stocks in the Columbia River that utilize habitats within or above the FCRPS.

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