Intake Research Facilities Manual

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Prepared by Lawler, Matusky, & Skelly Engineers for Electric Power Research Institute. http://www.epri.com


cooling systems, entrainment, field tests, fish barriers, intake structures, intake, future research, identification

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Palo Alto, CA


Electric Power Research Institute


This report presents the results of Research Project 2214-3. The objective of the project was to assemble, in a single report, descriptive information on testing facilities that could be used for future investigations of technologies designed to reduce losses of aquatic organisms at cooling water intakes. The manual is intended for use by utilities and their contractors to determine when existing test facilities can be utilized for future research. A list of 34 facilities was developed, and descriptive information on the environment, physical layout, and capabilities of each facility was collected for presentation on standardized sheets. Reference lists of the facilities, sorted into groups based on water body type, geographic location, intake type, available fish species, and intake technology, are presented to facilitate identification of groups of facilities with similar characteristics. The reference lists and descriptive information will allow efficient preliminary site evaluation by utilities interested in future intake technology research. http://www.epri.com

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