Fish movements at the Springbank Dam, Thames River, Ontario before and after gate reconstruction


Biotactic Inc

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Report prepared for the City of London and the Upper Thames River Conservation Authority.


fish movement, Thames, monitoring, radio telemetry, telemetry, white suckers, sucker, bass

Report number

No. 1003


The City of London, Ontario, commissioned this study with the objective of comparing post-construction data related to the movement of various fish species during the spring before the Sprinbank dam closure. Monitoring was conducted in 2006 and again in 2008. Radiotelemetry was used to track the movement of 120 radiotagged white suckers, shorthead redhorse, and smallmouth bass. In 2008, fish approached the dam as readily as they did in 2006 but only half as many fish of each species were eventually able to pass over the dam gates. Multiple species other than the selected three targeted species moved with relative ease of the Springbank dam gates.

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