Stream Habitat Analysis Using the Instream Flow Incremental Methodology

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habitat, incremental methodologies, instream flow, stream habitat, IFIM, design, identification

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Springfield, VA


National Technical Information Service

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Biological Resources Division Information and Technology Reports


This document is intended to update the concepts and ideas first presented in Information Paper 12, the first attempt to describe the Instream Flow Incremental Methodology in its entirety in 1982. This also is to serve as a comprehensive introductory textbook on IFIM for training courses as it contains the most complete and comprehensive description of IFIM in existence today. This should also serve as an official guide to IFIM in publication to counteract the misconceptions about the methodology that have pervaded the professional literature since the mid-1980s as this describes IFIM as it is envisioned by its developers. The document is aimed at the decision makers of management and allocation of natural resources in providing them an overview; and to those who design and implement studies to inform the decision makers. There should be enough background on model concepts, data requirements, calibration techniques, and quality assurance to help the technical user design and implement a cost-effective application of IFIM that will provide policy-relevant information. Some of the chapters deal with basic organization of IFIM, procedural sequence of applying IFIM starting with problem identification, study planning and implementation, and problem resolution.

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