Hydropower research and development

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Hydropower, development, activity, project, Fish, fish passage, passage, behavior, monitoring, hydrology, Water, water quality, DAM, safety, operation, MAINTENANCE, RESOURCES, management, review, Technology

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United States Department of Energy


This report is a compilation of information on hydropower research and development (R&D) activities of the Federal government and hydropower industry. The report includes descriptions of on-going and planned R&D activities, 1996 funding, and anticipated future funding. Summary information on R&D projects and funding is classified into eight categories: Fish Passage, Behavior, and Response; Turbine-Related; Monitoring Tool Development; Hydrology; Water Quality; Dam Safety; Operations and Maintenance; and Water Resources Management. Several issues in hydropower R&D are briefly discussed: Duplication; Priorities; Coordination; Technical/Peer Review; and Technology Transfer/Commercialization. Project information sheets from contributors are included as an appendix.

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