Updated Compendium on the Success of Passage of Small Fish Through Turbines




Bonneville Dam, Columbia River, fish passage, McNary Dam, salmon, turbines, design


None supplied. From foreword: The Compendium on the Success of Passage of Small Fish Through Turbines, dated May 1967, is included in this publication as it contains useful data for comparing tests on the success of passage of fish through turbines conducted to that date. This forms Section I of the Updated Compendium and has been included without change. Section II covers results of tests conducted since the publication of the first Compendium at Big Cliff and Foster dams, both constructed and operated by the Corps of Engineers. The testing was done under the supervision of Raymond C. Oligher, biologist for the Walla Walla District, who will report in detail on this work. Data contained here have been extracted only for their pertinence and reference with the information contained in the 1967 compendium. Section III covers the work done by Chester T. Scott, an expert in turbine design and operation, who has prepared an analysis of the Foster turbines, which discloses the conditions that prevailed in the unit during the fish test period.

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