The downstream migrant fish problems associated with hydroelectric facilities on the Exploits River, Newfoundland


M K. Farwell




Atlantic salmon, channel, diversion, downstream fish passage, Exploits River, fish diversion, fish passage, Grand Falls, hydroelectric, mortality, salmon, salmon kelts, spawning, spillway, structures, turbines, watershed


One of the greatest concerns about developing an anadromous run of Atlantic salmon within the Exploits River watershed is the presence of hydroelectric facilities on the river. The danger of excessive mortalities to emigrating fish must be investigated before implementing any development schemes for the areas above the hydroelectric facilities. The Grand Falls and Bishop Falls power developments are on the main Exploits River. All salmon runs now present and those to be developed must pass the Bishop Falls site. At present, only the Noel Paul's Spawning Channel produced fish pass the Grand Falls site. This report was undertaken to assemble information on these structures and recommend measures which should be taken before further salmon development is implemented. Meadus estimated a cost of $1.25 million for fish diversion structures at these three sites. This report investigates the necessity of this large expenditure.

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