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In recent years, the city of Davao has been experiencing floods all throughout the year. Things like flooded streets, overflowing of rivers, stranded commuters, and residents fleeing to evacuation centres are now considered normal especially if an heavy rain will continue for more than an hour. The positive economic growth of the city is attributed to its strategic location and favourable climate since it is considered to be typhoon free unlike the national capital region Manila and other major cities in the Visayas region. But these changing climate patterns can affect these upward economic growth if the local government units will not act on these issues promptly. An up- to- date spatial information is needed to support authorities for a timely evidence-based decisions in disaster management. This study will assess the vulnerability of the exposed population and other entities of Talomo District in Davao City, Philippines. Emphasis on the vulnerability component of the United Nations framework on Risk which is Hazard x Vulnerability and the factors affecting vulnerability are exposure, susceptibility and capacity. An open source software (QGIS and MapWindow) where used to process digital elevation models (DEMs) in combination with other spatial data (OpenStreetMap) can be an important database for topography-related analyses.



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