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Globally, cloud computing is one of huge trends in ICT communities, exerting its influence on the most information application fields including geo-spatial domain. In general, cloud computing services are being regarded as commercial or public internet data center or infrastructure of computing resources. However, there is no limitation for applications of cloud computing. Especially, it is on the early developing stage in geo-based applications. This project is to present a practical application for geo-based image processing and analysis on open source cloud environment. OpenStack Juno version was applied for open source cloud computing environment. On this cloud environment, PostgreSQL and Django were used as open source for metadata server and web framework, respectively. For geo-based image processing server, OTB was used with GDAL for image manipulating. Some image processing algorithms were implemented in this cloud environment, and provides as a web service for public users. Web-accessible users in this cloud service do not need any software installation and downloading data sets. This full open source approach is expected to be an element geo-spatial information processing linked with cloud computing service.



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