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Recently in Mongolia, many techniques and methods are being applied to the surveying and mapping fields along with the development and innovation of geodetic surveying technology, more new terminology are being used in those area. Despite of the origin of the terminology that came from or which language it’s being translated, those new words need to be interpreted by concerning the exact meaning of the word and what this word is actually referring to. However, in Mongolia, there’s no legal framework including regulation and standards of terminology and professional word translation. Consequently, a single term is being used with various meanings in many organizations, companies and so on. And also an ambiguous meaning of the term has been aroused and leads to wrong definition and idea. Due to this, lack of use of the terminology influences negatively on not only surveying and mapping field, but social areas as well. In order to solve this issue, study aims to create glossary database based on development of the terminology dictionary of geodesy and geographic information system through dynamic web design. In this study, many research methods have been carried out including, literature review based on the Dr. Damdinsuren (2013)’s “Glossary for Geodetic Terms”, textbooks and other materials of surveying and geospatial in English, Mongolian and Russian, as well as in print and online dictionaries, surveying questionnaire on usability and quality of professional terminology and dictionary and their applications within academia, professors, students, civil servants and private companies’ engineers, and SWOT analysis on printed and online dictionaries. Surveying questionnaire resulted that 20 per cent of 150 questionnaire use professional textbooks, which are printed in the Mongolian language, 45 per cent use Russian and 35 per cent use English sources. Glossary database on geodesy and geographic information system is established in three languages (Mongolian-English-Russian) using MySQL and PHP programming language. The users from geo-information industry will be able to develop and update the database based on the free and open source platform, particularly, online. This glossary database contains around 500 terminology including over 200 graphic illustrations. Frequent access of the terminology can be counted and web page includes links of relevant public organizations’ and universities’ web pages. So, the study results that this glossary database on geodesy and geographic information system could provide specific meaning of the term and how this term can be used depending on the specific field via dynamic web-page. And it allows and facilitates accessibility of database anywhere and anytime free of charge meaning that removes ambiguity and saves users' precious time and money.



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