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The Dutch Cadastre is publishing its geospatial data assets as Linked Open Data through the Kadaster Data Platform (KDP). The KDP supports the following three Linked Data browsing paradigms: (1) graph navigation, (2) hierarchical browsing, and (3) faceted browsing. Graph navigation uses the graph-shape of the RDF datamodel, to display concepts and instances as nodes, and properties between them as edges between those nodes. Graph navigation works well for explorative browsing. For graph navigation the KDP uses LODView (http://lodview.it), an existing OSS. Hierarchical browsing uses the tree structure of the concept hierarchy in order to display the various classes and properties that are in the data. A hierarchical browser gives the user a quick overview of the main classes and properties that are in a dataset. Hierarchical browsing works well for gaining an understanding of a concept schema. For this the OSS Linked Data Theatre is being developed (https://github.com/architolk/Linked-Data-Theatre). Faceted browsing is an advanced data browsing technique that turns the properties that appear in a dataset into widgets that can be set by the user in order to formulate a conjunctive set of filters over the set of instances that is described in the data. Faceted browsing works well for searching a specific instance. Triply has built FacetCheck, faceted browser that configures itself. For querying the KDP implements YASGUI: an integrated web service based on YASQE (a query editor that provides direct feedback to the user) and YASR (a versatile query results visualizer). Visit https://data.pdok.nl/yasgui to query billions of geospatial objects through the YASGUI query editor and result set visualizer!





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