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In recent years, the optimization of urban management due to the rapid population decline has been one of the major issues in Japan. Future population estimation and related statistical information, such as the location information of the public facility is now available to open. However, open data utilization in the urban planning field is not advanced in comparison with other countries. We constructed the Web system using FOSS4G that citizens can be the future image of the city to operate on their own. It used mainly below FOSS4G tools; OpenLayers, PostGIS, Pgrouting and Geocolor. The collected data calculated in advance, and the default mode for displaying a simulation result in the 500m mesh unit. In addition to there is a customized mode to be re-calculated using the geodata that citizen is uploading open geospatial data. In the customization mode, to choose the residence induction region arbitrarily, it is possible to more detailed simulation by inputting the future urban areas. We also held a workshop for Japanese citizens the variety of stakeholders, it was also able to get feedback on the functional requirements.For the ordinary citizens are not familiar with GIS, to be able to display an easy-to-understand the future of the region have been evaluated. However, also revealed that the operation of the customized version feels as difficult to use, such as difficult legend of adjustment.





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