Submissions from 2021


CO2 and tectonic controls on Antarctic climate and ice-sheet evolution in the mid-Miocene, Anna Ruth Halberstadt, Hannah Chorley, Richard H. Levy, Timothy Naish, Robert M. Deconto, Edward Gasson, and Douglas E. Kowalewski

Submissions from 2019


Time Scavengers: An Educational Website to Communicate Climate Change and Evolutionary Theory to the Public through Blogs, Web Pages, and Social Media Platforms, Adriane R. Lam, Jennifer E. Bauer, Susanna Fraass, Sarah Sheffield, Maggie R. Limbeck, Rose M. Borden, Megan E. Thompson-Munson, Andrew J. Fraass, J. Michael Hils, Cameron E. Muskelly, Kyle R. Hartshorn, and Raquel Bryant