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The YouTube and the 2008 Election Cycle in the United States Conference took place April 16-17, 2009 at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. The conference brought together political and computer scientists to explore the electoral impact of user-created YouTube technologies and to demonstrate new technical and analytic opportunities associated with new media technologies and politics. The conference proceedings includes copies of all papers presented at the conference as well as abstracts of all posters and keynote presentations.

Blom.pdf (22 kB)
Robin Blom: Reaching the young and uninvolved: YouTube as a tool to reach first-time voters

Boynton.pdf (588 kB)
G. R. Boynton: Going Viral – The Dynamics of Attention

Church.pdf (17 kB)
Scott H. Church: YouTube Politics: YouChoose and Leadership Rhetoric During the 2008 Election

Davisson.pdf (18 kB)
Amber Davisson: “I’m In!”: Hillary Clinton’s 2008 Democratic Primary Campaign on YouTube

Karpf.pdf (237 kB)
David Karpf: Macaca Moments Reconsidered… YouTube Effects or Netroots Effects?

Klotz.pdf (77 kB)
Robert J. Klotz: The Sidetracked 2008 YouTube Senate Campaign

Kushin.pdf (14 kB)
Matthew J. Kushin: Exploring YouTube, Civic Engagement and Perceptions About the Role of the Internet in Civic Engagement Among College Students

Pannen.pdf (13 kB)
Ute Pannen: The Use of Video in Candidates' Web Sites and E-Mail

Ricke.pdf (234 kB)
LaChrystal Ricke: A New Opportunity for Democratic Engagement: The CNN-YouTube Presidential Candidate Debates

Robertson.pdf (232 kB)
Scott P. Robertson, Ravi K. Vatrapu, & Richard Medina: YouTube and Facebook: Online Video “Friends” Social Networking

Savoie.pdf (62 kB)
Hillary Savoie: John McCain gets BarackRoll’d: Authorship, Culture, and Community on YouTube

Shah.pdf (1426 kB)
Chirag Shah: Supporting Research Data Collection from YouTube with TubeKit

StallingsCarpenter.pdf (81 kB)
Cheris A. Stallings-Carpenter: The Obamachine: Techno-politics 2.0

Wallsten.pdf (173 kB)
Kevin Wallsten: “Yes We Can”: How Online Viewership, Blog Discussion, Campaign Statements and Mainstream Media Coverage Produced a Viral Video Phenomenon

WilliamsGulati.pdf (179 kB)
Girish J. Gulati & Christine Williams: Congressional Candidates’ Use of YouTube in 2008: Its Frequency and Rationale