Language Acquisition Research Center

The Language Acquisition Research Center (LARC) at the University of Massachusetts Amherst continues a long tradition of research in formal models and experimental work in language acquisition, with a focus on first, second, bilingual and heritage language acquisition. Researchers affiliated with LARC work towards the development of theoretical models of language acquisition by integrating current linguistic and sociolinguistic theory with experimental results and related computational models.

By fostering collaboration among researchers in first language acquisition, second language acquisition, communication disorders, and other related disciplines, LARC aims to improve the campus’ capacity in three distinct areas: research, applications, and outreach.

LARC serves as a center where faculty and students from different programs, departments, and Five College institutions can connect and engage each other. It encourages and facilitates the dissemination of information regarding the relationship between language acquisition research and other related areas such as language instruction, language policy, minority and heritage language communities, language disorders, and language revitalization.