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Peter Kumble, Chair - Jack Ahern, Member


Living Routes is a Non Governmental Organization based in Amherst, MA that sends students overseas for semester long courses affiliated by the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. The courses comprise of sustainable living practices, ecological studies and a lifestyle that supports nature. These sites are primarily eco-villages spread throughout the world. In some of them Living Routes has its own campus and in others they function from temporary guest houses and hired accommodations.

This Master's study project worked to develop the spatial design for a campus located in Auroville, India for Living Routes. As the course is more established in Auroville, India; Living Routes feels the need to establish a new base station (campus). This campus would serve as a holistic site with classrooms, accommodations and outdoor activity area. The campus would also serve as an example of an ideal campus setting for running such courses. The master's project thus looks into the possibility of proposing a campus plan that could be seen as a live laboratory of systems and practices that the organization preaches.