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Committee Members

Robert Ryan, Chair - Rick Taupier, Member - Elizabeth Brabec, Member


The purpose of this project is to develop a greenway vision plan for the Caspian Coastal Greenway that would go from Astrakhan city in Russia, to Rasht in Iran, passing through diverse landscapes, populations and jurisdictions. The main concentration of this project would be on the section of the greenway that is within the jurisdiction of the Russian Federation. The greenway would follow an ancient trading route that passes through and used to connect Russia, Persia and India. The development of a greenway in this area would promote and reestablish cultural and trade based connections and link diverse areas. Another purpose of this greenway would be to develop a network between existing protected areas and diverse landscapes that are currently fractured. This project will develop a broad vision plan for the entire western Caspian Region. The project will identify existing protected landscapes and locate open spaces, cultural heritage landscapes and ecologically sensitive areas for future protection to create a continuous protected network.