Publication Date

Winter 2009


Message from Jay:

In the last issue of this newsletter, we announced, with the support of Chancellor Robert C. and Sabine Holub, the beginning of the History of the Book Teaching Collection. The idea originated from a real need to support faculty in English, Art, History, and other fields who teach courses related to the history of the book. I appealed to you to “write a check” or “get that Gutenberg Bible out of the attic.” Not surprisingly, many of you did “write a check” – and we greatly appreciate that. Barbara Parker, on the other hand, got the proverbial “Gutenberg Bible out of the attic.” As you see on the cover and will read here, Barbara donated 75 rare books to our collections. By donating these rare books she has lovingly collected over many years, Barbara knows generations of future students will have an opportunity to experience the same magical wonder and special appreciation that inspired her to collect them. We are indeed fortunate to have Friends like Barbara Parker. Thank you, Friends, for helping to make the Libraries such a rich resource for our students and scholars.

Jay Schafer

Director of Libraries