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Open Access Thesis

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Electrical & Computer Engineering

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Master of Science (M.S.)

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The dramatic popularity of graph database has resulted in a growing interest in graph queries. Two major topics are included in graph queries. One is based on structural relationship to find meaningful results, such as subgraph pattern match and shortest-path query. The other one focuses on semantic-based query to find question answering from knowledge bases. However, most of these queries take knowledge graphs as flat forms and use only normal relationship to mine these graphs, which may lead to mistakes in the query results. In this thesis, we find hierarchical relationship in the knowledge on their semantic relations and make use of hierarchical relationship to query on knowledge graphs; and then we propose a meaningful query and its corresponding efficient query algorithm to get top-k answers on hierarchical knowledge graphs. We also design algorithms on distributed frameworks, which can improve its performance. To demonstrate the effectiveness and the efficiency of our algorithms, we use CISCO related products information that we crawled from official websites to do experiments on distributed frameworks.

First Advisor

Lixin Gao