Friday, June 8, 2007
10am - 3:30pm
Assumption College, Worcester, MA

The ACRL/New England Library Instruction Group (NELIG) and Assumption College Library present a one day program that will examine the ways in which instruction librarians can assess what students learn through library instruction and information literacy classes.

9:00am Registration and Refreshments
10:00am Introduction and Opening Remarks
Kendall Hobbs and Susan Herzog, NELIG Co-Chairs
Dawn Thistle, Director of Library Services, Assumption College
10:15am Keynote:
Student Learning Assessment: An Interactive Exploration
Megan Oakleaf, Assistant Professor, School of Information Studies, Syracuse University
12:15pm Lunch
Optional discussion tables available:
Alternative Assessment, Christine Drew and Jill Shoemaker
PRS (Personal Response System) aka "clickers", Heidi McCann
CMS Blackboard/WEBCT, Kari Mofford
Pre & Post Tests, Kendall Hobbs and Diane Klare
Standardized Tests, Laura Hanlan
1:15pm Breakout Sessions:
  • Aiming For Assessment: Notes from a Pilot Information Literacy Course Assessment Project
    Joanna Burkhardt, Amanda Izenstark, and Peter Larsen, University of Rhode Island
  • Assessing Student Learning from an Information Literacy Program
    Mott Linn, Clark University, and Rukmal Harvey, Salem State College
  • Information Literacy Assessment with Art History Classes at Framingham State College
    Sandra Rothenberg, Framingham State College
2:00pm Break
2:15pm Presentation:
The Self-Confidence of First-Years: The Gap between Students' Perceived and Measured Information Literacy Skills
Carr Ross, Elizabeth Reilly, and Judy Montgomery, Bowdoin College
3:15pm Program Wrap-up
3:30pm Tour of Emmanuel d'Alzon Library

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