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Doctor of Nursing Practice

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Family Nurse Practioner

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: PTSD, childhood maltreatment, adult mental illness, primary care education


Genevieve Chandler

DNP Project Chair

Genevieve Chandler, RN, PhD

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Jean De Martinis, PhD, FNP-BC

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Doris Solmitz, FNP, RN


Researchers have described the connection between childhood maltreatment and adult mental illness such as Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and depression. Research has also shown a serious lack of recognition of PTSD by the primary care provider. Using the Four Question Primary Care PTSD Screening tool provides information to the primary care provider necessary for ongoing treatment. Education of the primary care provider(s) in the use of the screening tool and in the care of the patient with symptoms of PTSD is based on the process employed by the Department of Veteran Affairs for PTSD identification in the primary care setting.

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