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Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner (PMHNP)

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Opioid use among Adolescents; Brief Counseling; Motivational Interviewing; and Trans-Theoretical Model of Behavior Change.


Jean DeMartinis, PhD, FNP-C

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Jean DeMartinis, PhD, FNP-C

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Kimberly Dion, PhD, RN, CNE


Background and Review of Literature: The epidemic of opioid use/dependence is consuming many lives and destroying many families across the length and breadth of the United States and the world. Public health authorities, States, and local governments as well as the public have expressed, with growing alarm, an unprecedented rise in morbidity and mortality related to drug addiction and substance abuse. Despite the prevention efforts, drug addiction and substance abuse continue to be a major issue that needs multifaceted public health approaches to solve it. Purpose: The purpose of this pilot quality improvement project was to encourage behavioral change in adolescents identified as opioid users, by using a brief multi-contact counselling intervention integrating motivational interview (MI) techniques guided by Prochaska’s six stages of Behavioral Change Model. Methods: A pilot Quality Improvement project (QI) that incorporated a QI process plan with an educational evaluation design that used brief multi-contact counselling integrating MI techniques for adolescent opioid users. A pre and post intervention surveys were administered at the initial and last stages of the project implementation respectively. Results: All participants had stopped using opioids by the end of the six weeks intervention period and had committed to change their opioid use behavior. Conclusion: Brief multi-contact counselling intervention integrating MI techniques guided by Prochaska’s six stages of Behavioral Change Model is effective in encouraging behavioral change among adolescents abusing opioids.

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