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mental health simulation, standardized patient, undergraduate nursing, mental health nursing, integrating mental health simulation into nursing education.


Gabrielle Abelard

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Gabrielle Abelard

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Jean DeMartinis

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Dustin Spencer


  • DNP Project Goal: Provide a simulation-based mental health nursing education experience to pre-licensure nursing students prior to participating in a mental health clinical rotation to reduce anxiety and increase confidence in therapeutic communication and care of the patient with mental health needs.
  • Background and Review of Literature: Research suggests nursing students feel anxious about participating in mental health clinical rotation and have decreased confidence in treatment and communication with patients.
  • Methods: A quality improvement project was conducted utilizing seven nursing students from a BSN program. The participants engaged in a simulation-based mental health nursing education experience, which included completing a learning module and posttest, satisfaction and self-confidence in learning questionnaire, followed by participating in two informal focus groups.
  • Results: After the simulation experience, student questionnaire results demonstrated strong agreement by 57% of participants, that anxiety was decreased. In the informal focus groups, participants agreed simulation was beneficial, resulted in less anxiety with more confidence, and should be incorporated into the nursing curricula.
  • Implications to Practice: Implementing simulation into nursing curricula will provide an opportunity for students to practice communication skills, obtain feedback, and participate in discussion on methods to improve clinical practice.
  • Conclusion: The results suggest further exploration of implementation of simulation-based mental health nursing education experience into nursing programs.

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