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breastfeeding, postpartum, support


Genevieve Chandler

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Genevieve Chandler

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Emma Dundon

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Debra Venancio



Health experts agree that breastfeeding provides essential nutrients to infants for optimal health. But despite the known benefits, breastfeeding rates remain low in the United States. Several strategies, including postpartum follow up phone calls and breastfeeding support groups, have been identified to improve breastfeeding rates. The problem is that postpartum follow up phone calls have been lagging for up to 3 months post discharge. The purpose of this quality improvement project was to conduct the postpartum phone calls within 10 days post discharge and to determine if the intervention increased breastfeeding rates. Methods of data collection were (1) follow-up postpartum phone call and (2) satisfaction survey. Results. A total of 25 mothers responded to the postpartum phone call, with 88% feeling good after discharge. Breastfeeding rate at discharge was 76% and 84% were breastfeeding at the time of the call. Among the breastfeeding population, 19% of the participants had already consulted a lactation consultant post discharge while 9.5% requested a referral to a lactation consultant. Discussion. Postpartum follow up phone calls assessed the condition of the mother and infant post discharge, answered questions and concerns pertaining to self-care, infant care and breastfeeding. Problems associated with postpartum depression and breastfeeding, including sore nipples and difficult latch, were identified and appropriate referrals were made.

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