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Workplace Violence


Dr. Gabrielle Abelard



Background: Workplace Violence (WPV) in healthcare settings is pervasive. Acute care nursing staff experience higher rates of aggression from patients. These experiences may cause physical and psychological injury to caregivers and stress healthcare systems.

Purpose: The purpose of this quality improvement (QI) project was to strengthen understanding of evidence-based principles for management of aggressive patients on acute care medical units. Education enhances nursing staff sense of self-efficacy and clinical reasoning skills and is associated with effective management of aggression. Ultimately, improved management of aggression may lead to lower rates of patient assault towards staff members.

Methods: A pre and post intervention survey was used to assess the effectiveness of an educational intervention on evidence-based approaches to manage and prevent workplace violence.

Results: Twelve Registered Nurses and Patient Care Technicians participated in the QI project. An increased understanding of the principles of aggression management was reported by a significant majority of participants, along with an increased sense of self-assurance.

Conclusion: Prevention and management of workplace violence education was found to effectively improve knowledge and confidence among acute care nursing staff.

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