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Flu vaccine, emergency department, vaccination, COVID-19, COVID-19 vaccine, beliefs and perceptions


Pamela Aselton

DNP Project Chair

Sheila Pennell


Background: Vaccination is a key component to public and personal preventative health. The COVID-19 pandemic has illuminated the need for further research into how best to encourage vaccination, especially in harder to reach or vulnerable populations.

Purpose: This project sought to evaluate beliefs and perceptions of the flu vaccine in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic and to explore the views of the project site’s population in order to develop more targeted educational programs for increasing flu vaccination. The project focused on the ambulatory population of the emergency department.

Methods: The survey tool administered was based on the National Flu Survey to evaluate potential numbers of vaccination and rationale if participants choose to decline vaccination. It was administered to adult English-speaking patients in an urban academic medical center emergency department and then the survey was analyzed for differences in attitude between specific demographic groups. Data was collected via RedCap electronic data capture tools.

Results: A total of 69 patients participated in the survey. No correlation was found between demographic data and the likelihood of being vaccinated for flu or COVID-19. The most significant correlation was between previous flu vaccination and current vaccination for both flu and COVID-19.

Conclusion: Previous vaccination indicates a willingness to seek future vaccinations in those seeking emergency care. Future interventions should be focused on those who historically have not been vaccinated.

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