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ICU readmission, ICU to surgical floor transfer, staff satisfaction with patient transfers, pediatric, I-PASS, huddle


Dr. Elizabeth Henneman PhD, RN, FAAN

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Dr. Elizabeth Henneman PhD, RN, FAAN

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Debra Lajoie JD, PhD, MSN, RN


Background/Significance: The project site utilizes a high reliability framework to support safety and quality improvement. Although the infant-toddler surgical unit frequently accepts transfers of surgical patients from the ICU, there was no standardized process in place.

Purpose: The purpose of this project was to develop and implement a standardized transfer acceptance process bundle for patients transferring from the ICU to the inpatient surgical unit.

Methods: This Quality Improvement project utilized a Plan-Do-Study-Act model to guide the project implementation. The standardized transfer acceptance process bundle included APRN use of the I-PASS hand-off tool, an RN and APRN bedside huddle at the time of transfer, and an APRN transfer documentation. Pre and post intervention collaboration and satisfaction scores were measured using the Collaboration and Satisfaction about Care Decisions survey. Data were collected to evaluate whether all components of the bundle were completed.

Results: Of the 53 patient transfers during the pilot period, the bedside huddle at the time of transfer was completed for 75.5% and the APRN transfer acceptance documentation was completed for 73.6%. The components of collaboration scores and the overall CSACD tool scores for the combined RN and APRN staff were improved (components of collaboration p=.002; overall p = .003) by the implementation of this bundle.

Conclusion: The implementation of a standardized transfer acceptance bundle at the time of patient transfer from the ICU to the surgical unit improved staff collaboration and satisfaction during this critical transfer of care. This bundle aligns with the hospital’s high reliability framework.

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