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dementia, caregivers, behaviors, prevention, Progressively Lowered Stress Threshold


Cynthia Jacelon

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Cynthia Jacelon

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Joan Roche

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Jean Williams



Dementia is a disease that impacts millions of people worldwide. Amongst the complications of this disease are behaviors that affect not only the individual with dementia but also their caregivers. These behaviors can be challenging especially for formal caregivers and it is important that they are taught how to prevent them. Long-term care facilities are the perfect settings for this type of education. For this reason, an educational program, including a needs assessment, PowerPoint presentation, and on-site support, was brought to a locked, assisted-living unit of Jewish Geriatric Services in Longmeadow, Massachusetts. The educational program was inspired and supported by a specific nursing model: the Progressively Lowered Stress Threshold model. This model focuses on preventing behavioral symptoms of those with dementia and it was effective in increasing the amount of learning for participants while decreasing behaviors and caregiver reactions with clinical significance.

Keywords: dementia, caregivers, behaviors, prevention, Progressively Lowered Stress Threshold

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