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childhood asthma, research translation, school nursing, asthma education, asthma program


Jeungok Choi

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Raeann G LeBlanc

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Jessica Dawson


Addressing asthma among adolescents is a public health concern due to the greater risk for adverse asthma health outcomes related to increased autonomy with this age group. An examination of current literature indicated that the educational asthma program Kickin’ Asthma effectively improved asthma among adolescents. The implementation of this program among asthmatic adolescents in Henrico, Virginia revealed limited improvement of asthma knowledge, health outcomes, and self-management skills. Additional positive outcomes included active student engagement and participation as well as the desire of the middle school nurse to continue the program and expand implementation. Further implementation of the Kickin’ Asthma program is necessary to fully evaluate the program’s effectiveness to translate into public health nursing practice and to improve asthma health and related outcomes.

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