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medication, reconciliation, discrepancies, adverse events, older adults


Raeann G LeBlanc

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Raeann G LeBlanc

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Joan Roche

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Mary DeVeau


Accurate medication reconciliation with every transition of care is necessary to prevent and eliminate medication discrepancies and errors that may lead to increased hospital readmissions and potential adverse events related to medication errors. For the older population, this is especially important when considering the increasing rates of polypharmacy in this age group. This capstone project evaluated a nurse-led medication reconciliation program, including teaching after patient discharge from a hospital or facility to home, and coordination and communication with patient’s primary care provider. The project measured issues with medication reconciliation across care transitions at the individual, provider, system, and community levels, and the impact of nursing interventions through process and outcomes measures. The goals of the program are to support patient safety, improve patient ability to self-manage medication therapy independently or with family support, increase health care quality and perception of quality of life, and decrease health care costs. From a public health perspective, expansion of this nurse-led program model has potential for significant positive effect on health care management and outcomesacross a larger population.

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