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Public Health Nurse Leader

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teen pregnancy prevention, school-based, community-based


Terrie Black

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Terrie Black

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Karen Kalmakis

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Davene M. White


Problem: Teen pregnancy often results in a variety of economic and social costs for the adolescents and their children. Despite recent declines, teen pregnancy rates continue to be the highest in the United States versus other industrialized nations. Purpose: Evaluate the efficacy of an educational intervention DNP project, called the Friendly Adolescent Care Environment for Utilization of a Pregnancy Prevention Model (FACE-UP), in providing pregnancy prevention strategies to at-risk high school students in Washington, D.C. The goal of this educational intervention was to decrease risk behavior patterns and increase knowledge to empower student participants. Method: The Realityworks’ Healthy Choices Curriculum was implemented in a class of ninth grade students, 9 males and 17 females over a nine-week period. Additionally, a Parent Seminar was held to improve communication between parents and their children on love, relationships, and sex using the Parent-Child Communication Basics Curriculum. Pre- and post-test assessments, student surveys, and parent surveys were used to evaluate the intervention. Paired Samples t-test with comparisons were used for pre- and post-assessment comparison. Findings: There was no significant decrease in sexual risk factors based on sexual activity and contraception use, although 30% of students stated that they were less likely to have sexual intercourse during the next year. Although the Parent Seminar had a lower participation rate than expected, 75% of parents stated that the seminar helped them to understand the importance of communication.

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