Paperbark Literary Magazine



Emergence. The beginning. The first movements to beyond. Simultaneously rooted and pressing forward. This is our start, our coming into being, our inception. Here, we are celebrating the new, the groundbreaking, and the onward—work that is timely, important, that perhaps has not existed before, that is malleable and still being shaped, that looks to the future while recognizing the past. This work is bold, unafraid, and grapples with multiple localities. It reaches.

The pieces in this inaugural issue deal with variations on the theme of Emergence. The theme takes inspiration from the birth of the magazine and echoes the undeniable reality of climate change and the renewed vigor of the climate justice movement in the wake of the United States’ withdrawal from the landmark Paris Climate Accord. Contributors include Angela Burnett, Leah Kirts, Ellen Meeropol, Robert Dow, and Liz Hamm among others.



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