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This year, the Paperbark editorial staff took on this theme. We reflected on it, we worked with it, and we brought community into dialogues about it. in this past year, we grew in our mission to create spaces for conversation by hosting community events that engage the dialogues being held throughout the pages of this and other Paperbark issues. We are here to be a container for and a catalyst toward community building, sustainability, and justice for all living things. as such, we bring you this issue, inspired by people doing work in their own lives and communities coming together to talk about how to move forward and design systems based within the realities of this day and age. Through an interview with public artist and educator, Carolina Aragón, the reader will learn about ways that art is used to engage community in imagining a future impacted by climate change. in “Louise,” high school student and climate activist Charlotte Roberts provides insight into the next generation holding space for the wonder and trepidation involved in being stewards of the earth while also going about the everyday tasks of being alive. “A field guide to Nature’s Resilience” shows resilience in the natural world through drawings of plant species that demonstrate growth after destruction. Professor, artist and anthropologist Dr. Sally Campbell galman uses comics as a medium for expressing the need to react within the context of our political climate in #Dangersafetybravery. This issue brings to life our grapplings with and efforts to be resilient in an ever-changing world. It reflects on times when resilience fails or feels improbable. And it shines a light on the ways in which strength and hope are intrinsic to the way life continues forward.



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