Within the U.S. public school system, English Language Learners (ELL) represent the fastest growing student population. Many of these students struggle to access grade-level content due to Limited English Proficiency (LEP). Although policy regarding LEP status varies state-to-state, most states impose a short time limit on how long a student can be designated LEP. Consequently, students may lose their LEP status before gaining full proficiency in English. Current policy does not allow for test accommodations for former-LEP students, raising concerns about whether language factors within the tests may prevent students who are not fully proficient in English from successfully accessing the content of the tests. The purpose of this article is to identify education placement and assessment policies that lead to reduced assessment language support for former-LEP students. Using the state of Texas as a case example, we identify potential impact points for former-LEP students who are required to participate in English-only assessments. We then review ELL assessment accommodations literature and propose extension of assessment policies to provide options for former-LEP student population. Accessed 17,458 times on https://pareonline.net from October 12, 2010 to December 31, 2019. For downloads from January 1, 2020 forward, please click on the PlumX Metrics link to the right.