Aug 1st, 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM


A Conceptual Framework to Measure E-Servicescape on a B&B Website


E-servicescape contributes to facilitating the online customer’s surfing experiences in the course of casual navigation, collecting information, or purchasing a product/service. Despite its importance, few studies on e-servicescape have been noticed in the context of the lodging industry, specifically bed and breakfasts (B&B). This study attempts to examine the dimensions of e-servicescape (ambient, design, search aids and slogans, and functional aspects) as antecedents of perceived e-servicescape quality of B&B Website. It also attempts to measure e-servicescape quality of a B&B Website. Additionally, this study investigates dimensions of the e-servicescape that are the most influential on customers’ decision-making in the selection of a B&B.