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Green Infrastructure refers to ecosystem service solutions that provide human benefit. In the context of Stormwater Management, GI benefits address regulatory compliance measures related to stormwater runoff pollutant capture and flood mitigation on site, while providing co-benefits. Inherently distributive, non-exclusive, and non-rival in nature, Green Infrastructure as publicly owned infrastructure can provide restoration while generating capacity for community resilience. Comprehensive public and private investments will equitably advance public health and safety through this method. This paper will present the use of GI for satisfying compliance for MS4 permits for municipalities and implementation at residential and commercial scale with comprehensive review of Philadelphia’s Clean Waters Program. Stormwater management as the primary objective inevitably produces co-benefits. Public support and comprehensive management optimizes when auxiliary benefits are made explicit. Economic, social, and environmental benefits inform strategy and planning. The town of Maynard Massachusetts seeking regulatory considerations for incorporating GI for stormwater management are included through current state analysis of town plans and workshops working towards suggested goals, strategy, and programming for Green Infrastructure.

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