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UMass contracted with DSM Environmental Services (DSM), with sub-contractors MSW Consultants (MSW) and Kessler Consulting, Inc. (KCI), together the Project Team, to undertake a comprehensive analysis of the UMass Amherst campus waste management and materials diversion system. The Project Team were required to conduct nine tasks as part of the comprehensive analysis, as summarized below:

• Map the existing UMass waste and materials collection system;
• Review the characteristics, procedures, schedules, and roles;
• Evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency of the current system;
• Review existing waste generation and composition data, and conduct a campus-wide waste audit if the review indicated that additional data were necessary;
• Evaluate the effectiveness of the current food waste diversion program and analyze the potential cost and effectiveness of expanding food diversion to residential life, academic and management buildings;
• Evaluate the quality, message, and audience penetration of current UMass information efforts;
• Develop a financial profile of the current system; and,
• Assess the feasibility and cost associated with achieving a 70 or 90 percent diversion goal.

This Summary Report reviews the major findings associated with each of these tasks. Detailed memorandums for each task have been provided to OWM in support of this summary report.



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