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Winning submission for Sustainability for Arts (UMass Libraries 2021 student scholarship award)


As a person of South Asian descent, I understand the importance of being sustainable especially because I do go to India every once in a while. In Amherst, we may not see the effects of climate change as much as in a city with 7 million people. I believe that being sustainable means mankind is getting closer to Nature while continuing to advance. My piece, Goddess of Earth shows this relationship with nature in a mandala art format. Mandala art is spiritual art based in Hinduism and Buddhism. As someone who is American with South Asian descent, I have used both influences of Eastern and Western art in my mandala. I have also used a color scheme that starts with light, radiant colors which pan out into darker colors to show how pristine environments have been polluted. But, there is a glimmer of hope that we, one day, will be able to get to a place where we can get closer to nature and become more environmentally friendly. The use of mandala art was to also bring together the eastern and western influences I grew up with in terms how we think about nature. There are zentangle designs as well as mandala designs. I really hope you enjoyed my piece and thank you for this opportunity!

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Creative Commons License
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