Tan Cerca Tan Lejos: A Voice of Mexico in the United States of America

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Solalinde’s labor related with Central and South American migrants in Mexico; “Brothers on the Road” immigrants shelter; Church and politicians attitudes towards migrants in Mexico

La labor de Solalinde relacionada con los/as migrantes centro y suramericanos/as en México; el albergue “Hermanos en el camino”, las actitudes de la Iglesia y los/as políticos/as con respecto a los/as migrantes en México

Alejandro “Padre” Solalinde; “Brothers on the Road” immigrants shelter founder

Co-producer: Associate Professor Luis Marentes; UMass-Amherst

Alejandro “Padre” Solalinde; fundador del albergue para migrantes “Hermanos en el camino”

Co-productor: Profesor Luis Marentes; UMass-Amherst