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Turf Clippings


Editors: Robert M. Allen, Arthur Hall, Charles Lane
Advisor: Joseph Troll

To form a bond of common interest between the Turf Management Club, the alumni of the Stockbridge and Winter School Turf Majors and all interested friends of the University of Massachusetts Turf Program.


  1. Maintenance of Golf Carts by Thomas Pepe (page 1)
  2. Why a Golf Course Superintendent Should Play Golf by Stephen Skowronski (2)
  3. Tree Pruning by Martin Walsh (3)
  4. Golf Course Labor: A Dilemma by Robert Barber (5)
  5. Turf Problems by Alexander M. Radko (A-1)
  6. 1967 Turfgrass Problems by Lee Record (A-3)
  7. Southern Turfgrass Production and Problems by Ralph W. White Jr. (A-5)
  8. Canadian Turf Grass Production and Problems by David Moote (A-8)
  9. Turf Research Abroad by C.R. Skogley (A-13)
  10. Turf Research at Home by Victor B. Younger (A-14)
  11. Turfgrass Research - An Industrial Approach by J. A. Simmons (A-16)
  12. Cutting Labor Costs in Turfgrass Managemnt by Tom Mascaro (A-24)
  13. The Reluctant human by John W. Denison (A-28)
  14. The Problem Drinker - Management Responsibility by G.E. Osburn (A-31)
  15. Contemporary Design Standards by Geoffrey S. Cornish (A-34)
  16. Construction - Superintendents' Viewpoint by Robert E. Grant (A-36)
  17. Construction b Contract and the Role of the Superintendent by David Canavan (A-39)
  18. Seed Production by Robert J. Peterson (A-41)
  19. Cemetery Turf Maintenance on a High and Low Budget by Stanley Sosenski (A-45)
  20. Ten Steps to a Good Lawn by John Zak (A-49)
  21. Review of Herbicides for Turf Weed Control by Alvin A. Baber (A-53)