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  1. Maintenance of Golf Carts by Thomas Pepe (page 1)
  2. Why a Golf Course Superintendent Should Play Golf by Stephen Skowronski (2)
  3. Tree Pruning by Martin Walsh (3)
  4. Golf Course Labor: A Dilemma by Robert Barber (5)
  5. Turf Problems by Alexander M. Radko (A-1)
  6. 1967 Turfgrass Problems by Lee Record (A-3)
  7. Southern Turfgrass Production and Problems by Ralph W. White Jr. (A-5)
  8. Canadian Turf Grass Production and Problems by David Moote (A-8)
  9. Turf Research Abroad by C.R. Skogley (A-13)
  10. Turf Research at Home by Victor B. Younger (A-14)
  11. Turfgrass Research - An Industrial Approach by J. A. Simmons (A-16)
  12. Cutting Labor Costs in Turfgrass Managemnt by Tom Mascaro (A-24)
  13. The Reluctant human by John W. Denison (A-28)
  14. The Problem Drinker - Management Responsibility by G.E. Osburn (A-31)
  15. Contemporary Design Standards by Geoffrey S. Cornish (A-34)
  16. Construction - Superintendents' Viewpoint by Robert E. Grant (A-36)
  17. Construction b Contract and the Role of the Superintendent by David Canavan (A-39)
  18. Seed Production by Robert J. Peterson (A-41)
  19. Cemetery Turf Maintenance on a High and Low Budget by Stanley Sosenski (A-45)
  20. Ten Steps to a Good Lawn by John Zak (A-49)
  21. Review of Herbicides for Turf Weed Control by Alvin A. Baber (A-53)