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communication +1 provides an open forum for exploring and sharing ideas about communication across modes of inquiry and perspectives. Its primary objective is to push the theoretical frontiers of communication as an autonomous and distinct field of research. Suspending any judgment regarding distinction between theory and practice, this forum encourages critical reflections on communication and seeks to encourage these reflections to and among those who place communication at the center of their thinking and writing.

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Current Volume: Volume 4 (2015) Occult Communications: On Instrumentation, Esotericism, and Epistemology


What can the occult, the obscure, and the incommunicable teach us about the history of communications and culture? Occult Communications: On Instrumentation, Esotericism, and Epistemology, examines how spiritualism, esotericism, and occultism have shaped the dominant cultures of reason in European and North American contexts from the seventeenth-century until today. Case studies in media archaeology and historical epistemology on issues such as spirit photography, horror films, exorcisms, stage magic, surrealism, and brains-in-vats examine so-called magical thinking and its operations at the heart of modern scientific and technological reason.


  • Bernard Geoghegen, "Occult Communications: On Instrumentation, Esotericism, and Epistemology"

Occcult Premotions

  • Florian Sprenger, “Insensible and Inexplicable – On the Two Meanings of the Occult”
  • Stephan Gregory, “Media in Action: From Exorcism to Mesmerism”

The Spirit of Scientific Inquiry

  • Erhard Schüttpelz & Ehler Voss, “Fragile Balance: Human Mediums and Technical Media in Oliver Lodge’s Presidential Address of 1891”
  • Christian Kassung, “Self-Writing Machines: Technology and the Question of the Self”
  • Margarida Medeiros, “Facts and Photographs: Visualizing the Invisible with Spirit and Thought Photography”
  • Jeffrey Sconce, “The Ghostularity”

The Spirit of Diversion

  • Katharina Rein, “Mind Reading in Stage Magic: The “Second Sight” Illusion, Media, and Mediums”
  • Petra Löffler, “Ghosts of the City: A Spectrology of Cinematic Spaces”
  • Tessel M. Bauduin, “The ‘Continuing Misfortune’ of Automatism in Early Surrealism”

Transmedial Occultism

  • Anthony Enns, “Spiritualist Writing Machines: Telegraphy, Typtology, Typewriting,”
  • Simone Natale, “Spreading the Spirit Word: Print Media, Storytelling, and Popular Culture in Nineteenth-Century Spiritualism,”
  • Laurence Rickels, “Integration: Understanding New Mediation via Innovations in Horror Cinema,”



The Ghostularity
Jeffrey Sconce