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Briankle G. Chang
Zachary J. McDowell

communication +1 provides an open forum for exploring and sharing ideas about communication across modes of inquiry and perspectives. Its primary objective is to push the theoretical frontiers of communication as an autonomous and distinct field of research. Suspending any judgment regarding distinction between theory and practice, this forum encourages critical reflections on communication and seeks to encourage these reflections to and among those who place communication at the center of their thinking and writing.

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Current Volume: Volume 5 (2016) Machine Communication


Edited by David Gunkel and Zachary McDowell

Within this issue we explore the boundaries of communication outside of the human, that which is inevitably radically other – the machine. These articles interrogate the implications and the various problematics that emerge around, within, and from the engagement with the machine. What does the machine have to say about our history, our present, or our future?

We give thanks to those who answered this call to engage these questions, and to the readers who we hope will provoke further inquiry.



Introduction to "Machine Communication"
Zachary J. McDowell and David J. Gunkel


Do Computers Write on Electric Screens?
Samuel Goyet and Cléo Collomb


Communication, Machines & Human Augmentics
John Novak, Jason Archer, Victor Mateevitsi, and Steve Jones