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The goal of Landscapes of Violence(LoV) is to provide a balanced approach to the causes of violence and offer a voice for the human experience behind it. This journal deals with the interrelationships between society and violence seen through the analytical eyes of trans-disciplinary researchers.

NOTE: While we are not currently accepting unsolicited manuscripts, we are happy to receive inquiries regarding future publications at lov@sbs.umass.edu.

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LoV Seeks Photo Essay Proposals on Policy and Violence

Our call for proposals is now closed. Look for our newest issue to publish in Fall 2014!

Selected Authors

All authors will be notified of their status in late-July 2014.

If selected, authors will be asked to submit a 500-word essay and up to 10 high-resolution photographs (.tiff or .jpg) with captions and credits. Authors must have all relevant permissions to publish in LoV any multimedia content not belonging to them. All submissions must follow LoV submission requirements.

Accepted photo essays will be due 31 August 2014 and will be published in Landscapes of Violence after review by two independent peer referees considered experts in the subject field.

Current Issue: Volume 2, Number 2 (2012) Bioarchaeological Perspectives on Violence



Personal Taphonomy at Sacred Ridge: Burial 196
Anna Osterholtz and Ann L.W. Stodder


Evidence of Child Sacrifice at La Cueva de los Muertos Chiquitos (660-1430 AD)
John J. Crandall, Debra L. Martin, and Jennifer L. Thompson


Taphonomy and Warfare in the Mesa Verde Region
Kristin A. Kuckelman and Debra L. Martin


Taphonomy and Cremation of Human Remains from San Francisco de Borja
Cheryl P. Anderson, Debra L. Martin, and Jennifer L. Thompson

Book Review